Friday, June 30, 2006


Argh!!! Should I pay up and get internet at home???

Growl! I don't know if I should do it, but I think it would make my life a lot easier. Although, it is quite convenient that my library down the street has free wi-fi. Whaddah all think? Can I survive as a NextGen without internet at home?!!


Well do you live in a private house or an apartment building? Dunno if I should be giving out advice like this but if you live in a big enough aprtment building chances are you can pick up someone elses wireless connection (so many people have them in their homes now.) I know people who would do that in their apartments at school. I mean if you are in your own apartment an d the broadcast signal is picked up and usable by your computer why not use it? On the other hand if you dont want to feel like you are stealing (although the jury is out on whether it completely is or not) then I say yes go and buy yourself and internet connection and stick with cable because in this day and age anything slower is soo annoying. There are two upsides to just using free public access points however: 1. It costs less... free is the best price ever! and 2. You wont catch yourself up at two am in some chat room or becoming obbsessed many of the things the internet offers such as myspace and the like.
So.... If you feel that being able to access the interweb from the comfort of home is important go for it, it's a great idea. If it's not that big of a deal then stick with free wireless access points. Hopefully within the next decade everything will be wirelessly connected in a whole citywide grid anyway? and speaking of free wireless, here is an interesting tidbit: did you know you can wirelesly access the internet while at Millenium Park? Check it out...
Millenium Park WIFI

Thanks for the post! Yeah. I've been back and forth about this whole thing for awhile. I'll have to figure it out! As for MP Wifi, I actually tried it awhile ago without success, but thanks for the link--I'll try it again.
Um, you're kidding, right? Are you telling me there's nothing you want to do on the Internet that you can't do at CPL? Come on ...
Harharhar! It's just much easier to do it from home, and it makes the Web 2.0 aspect soooo much easier, and less like homework...
I agree, I think at this time, it is time to take the plunge and pay the $25-40/month to get internet access. Personally I could live without my cable and telephone, but internet would be the last thing I would give up to save money. Then again, I am an internet junkie...looking for a recipe for dinner, checking the movie times, checking the swimming pool hours, etc. I am lost without it so i think that it would be worth it. You could try and jump on other people's WIFI, but it is unsecure. Just do it and think that for about $1/day you could have access to all the info you could ever want.
i'm with heidi. i lived without internet at home for about 10 months and it was horrible. everytime i wanted to get some quick, random bit of information, i'd race to the computer. then i'd realize i couldn't access the Internet and i'd frown. i think it's such a valuable resource to have available at home, especially when you're not always able to use it at work.
It does make life so much easier to have access at home!
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