Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Internet Basics #1 (AudioBlog #1)

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OK. I attempted something here for the first time. After our podcasting group talked, I was determined to use podcasting to help with library user instruction. Like I have said before, we have a huge digital divide in our community, and I wanted to find some ways to incorporate these Library 2.0 instructional capabilities into our daily lives. As I was writing the script, I had planned on beginning with a "How to Get a Yahoo Account" post, but I realized that it might make more sense to start with the basics. I do recognize that if a user can't use a mouse, he/she will not be able to pause the audioblogger, but my thinking was that eventually, these files could be loaded onto a portable MP3 player...

Anyway,although this first time around wasn't perfect (I ran out of time for the first post, and had to call back), it was a great experiment in alternative user instruction.

By the way, I haven't had a chance to listen to the post myself, so I might have to delete it and post it again soon...

Thanks for checking this out, and good luck to everyone!


Nice job! Thanks for sharing!
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