Friday, September 01, 2006


Help! I Got My First Blog Reference Question!

OK. I hope that some of you librarian 2.0 folks are reading this, because I think I have encountered a new trend in reference questions. Here's the scenario:

A lady came into the branch yesterday, and asked the reference librarian if he could answer a question about blogs. He immediately grinned and then referred her to me. So, here's her issue:

She is designing a website for a long-term care company, and the company would like to add RSS feeds of REPUTABLE blogs in the areas of healthcare, long-term care, nursing homes, and perhaps news/politics. She said that she had already explored Technorati, and she was looking for other recommendations.

What I have found, at least in the library world, the people who blog the most, also have published articles in periodicals like Library Journal (and their blogs are often mentioned within the article), so I used the same thinking to research long-term care blogs. This thinking, however, was not as productive as I thought, and even though I came up with blogs like AARP's blog and Jack Halpern's Blog, But, I didn't find blogs for The American Healthcare Association, which advocates for long-term care. Sooooo, I was back where I started again, realizing that if I were looking for a book or a periodical, then I could look at review sources to assist me in unfamiliar subject areas. Yet, this is different.

I have two different resources that were sort of helpful...
The Internet Public Library's page about blogs, and The Bloggies, found on the Librarians' Internet Index. Both of those were helpful, but not wonderful...

I have a feeling this will come up more and more... Do any of you smarty-pants folks have any other ideas? I really respect your opinions, and I think that this presents an interesting challenge. Thanks so much!!!!


Sorry, I don't have any concrete ideas, but I must say it's pretty interesting that this person a) is setting up RSS feeds in this way, and b) is asking a reference librarian for help finding good feeds. If this is a trend it's a pretty neat-o one.
Hi Juliette,
This is a very interesting question. You might want to try checking with the Illinois Department on Aging, or the U.S. Administration on Aging to see if they have any resources. Good luck!
Thanks guys! I don't even know how impressed I am with the IPL list... some of the information seems a bit dated... I feel like emailing Michael about this, but the guy is sooooo busy, that I don't want to bug him.
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